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Title: Welcome Home

Author: Jaxson K.

Pairing: Don/Mac

Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: I own nothing!

Summary: Don welcomes his man home after a hard day.....sexy smut!




Don couldn't wait to get home. He had been thinking about Mac all day, and his cock throbbed in response. He was hoping to get home before Mac did so he could begin his preparations for the evening.


He put fresh silk sheets on the bed (black) and lit several candles he had placed around the bedroom. He then went in to take a shower in anticipation of Mac's arrival.


When Don finished his shower, he dried off and lay down on the bed. He reached into the nightstand and place the new tube of lube he'd bought the day before under his pillow. He arranged himself on the bed leaning against the headboard with pillows behind him.


As he lay there waiting, Don began to slowly stroke his hard cock. He kept up a slow and easy pace and continued to do so when he heard Mac's key in the door. Mac called out to him, and he answered with a voice full of desire.


When Mac entered the bedroom, he let out a soft whistle of appreciation. He made his way over to the bed while stripping off his suit. As he leaned down to kiss Don, he reached down and began to stroke Don's cock lovingly.


Don moaned soft and low, arching his back and thrusting into Mac's hand. Mac broke the kiss and leaned down to flick his tongue around the dripping head of Don's cock. Don moaned and reached for Mac's ass.


Don flicked his tongue around Mac's opening as Mac swallowed Don's cock. While Mac was busy blowing Don, Don got the lube and coated two fingers. As he began to work first one, then both fingers into Mac's opening, Mac began to move his hips back and forth.


When Don finished stretching Mac, Mac swung himself into position and slowly began to impale himself on Don's thick 10 inches. As Mac got comfortable and began to set the pace, Don marveled at Mac's tight velvet heat. He didn't want to thrust too deeply for fear of hurting Mac. Once Mac gave Don the go-ahead, Don picked up the pace, and the two men began to fuck each other's brains out!


Don could feel his orgasm building and Mac began to stroke his own cock in time to don's thrusts. Mac came just seconds before Don, and the resulting contractions drove Don over the edge. Don cried out as he felt his cum flow from him into Mac.


Mac collapsed on top of Don, and the two shared a sloppy kiss. Don reached for the baby wipes he kept on the nightstand and cleaned himself and Mac. When he was done, Don turned to Mac with a huge smile on his face and said, “Welcome home!”




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